Leasing Real Estate

Landlords: The Hamaker Properties Team will list your Austin area property and screen applicants.  Please  click here and provide requested information. We will contact you shortly. Or call us directly at (512) 924-6430.

Lease Applicants:  If you wish to lease one of the properties that we have listed, please download the application.  Your application fee, payable to Kay Marie Hamaker, must be in guaranteed funds.  The deposit, also in guaranteed funds, must accompany your application.  Contact us at (512) 924-6430 for the Payee's name.  Should you not qualify to lease the property, the deposit will be returned to you. 

The property will not be taken off the market until your application has been accepted.  The landlord may consider more than one applicant at a time. 

Need a Home to Lease:  The Hamaker Properties Team will be happy to assist you in finding a home to lease.  As your representative, we require you to enter into an agreement with us as your exclusive agent.  The landlord pays our fees.  To download this agreement, click here.  You may contact us by phone (512) 924-6430 or send us an email to engage our services.